Safa Global Venture

Established in 1998 with its corporate office at Kolappuram, Malappuram, Kerala. Now Safa Global Venture is the leading manufacturer and distributor of all kinds of cleaning materials such as mop, wipes, brushes, brooms, and floor cleaning tools.

As we are committed to creating a hygienic world of happiness and a healthy life, we concentrate on bringing innovative world-class wellbeing solutions in order to satisfy people’s needs and save their precious time.

Since its inception, SGV’s biggest priority was to serve the customer’s interest by sourcing and supplying trend products and reliable services.

We are able to transact all these services to our client’s thanks to our 20000 sqft spacious warehouse and offices strategically located at a key point at Kolappuram and through our subsidiaries.

Abdul Kader Kallungalakath

Getting light from frivolity to exuberance often comes from individuals or experiences.

The Safa Global Venture has a history of doing business through maintaining that light it received from our beloved father, thus enlightening the individual and thereby building up a great business network.

Our dear father never persuade is to follow his path, but rather encouraged us to find our own ways to success.

He constantly reminded us that the success of a business is not more capital gain, but it is a fruit of strenuous hard-work and sheer commitment to customers. He was the light who made us believe success is not destination, but a journey. Lets continue the journey of success.

Knowing the needs and tastes of the customer, and keeping up with timely changes possibilities of technological innovations in the global business network. The team Safa members learned different experiences for insights of this legend. An invisible factor of the grate legend that inspires the activities of a sustainable and transparent organization.

Meet Our Managing Director

We are firmly convinced that a business can be considered successful only if it brings prosperity and wellbeing to all its direct or indirect stakeholders. Financial profit is only a reflection of how well we carried out a business activity.

As our commitment is sole to our customers, we do the best to provide them with reliable quality products suited to their requirements thereby realizing the worth of money they paid. A sale is not the end, but it’s just the beginning of a lifelong relationship as we believe that only a talented group of vibrant people can deliver the best in class support to the customers, we are eager to keep them updated in line with the latest trends in the industry.

With a wide network in Kerala supported by required infrastructure and extensive experience since from 1998, SGV is the leader in the cleaning products industry, manufacturing and supplying all types of cleaning materials such as mop, wipes, brushes, brooms, and floor cleaning tools.

I may exploit this chance to convey my deep-felt gratitude and thankfulness to all your unrelenting support and love over the past years which is sincerely hoped to be continued in the future also.

Please feel free to contact us to share your suggestion.
Mob: +91 93883 39393, Email: md@safaglobalventure.com

Shabeer Ali K
Managing Director
Safa Global Venture

Our Objectives

To become one of the leading players in the most competitive market in the world. To help the people to change thier lifestyle.


Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our company.

Core Purpose

To enhance and improve human lives by providing world-class wellbeing solutions.


Becoming a company worth 12000 million in 2029.

SGV Core Values


  • Dedicate yourself to the mission and vision of our company.
  • Understand the needs of our customers and serve them.
  • Always provide excellent service to our people.
  • Ensure that we work on our purpose and values each and every single day.
  • Inspire and motivate our people to live for mission through our core values and achieve our vision.


  • Be polite.
  • Encourage our people to express their views and appreciate their initiatives
  • Listen to what others have to say before expressing your viewpoint.
  • Use ‘Thank You’ and ‘Please’
  • Build a workplace culture of fairness and equity.

Accept Challenges

  • Always be ready to change yourself for the best
  • Always dare to conquer your fear.
  • Always maximum your strengths and eliminate your weakness.
  • Always capture opportunities and minimize threats.
  • Always set higher standards and work for excellence.

Value Time

  • Always be punctual
  • Value time of others
  • Always use your time productively
  • Always do what you have said before the committed time.
  • Always put your body and mind in the present


  • Always be honest.
  • Deliver more than we promise.
  • Ensure that we don’t act against our purpose and values even a single day.
  • Build strong and lifelong relationships.
  • Accept our mistakes and never do the same again.

VIVID Description

  • By 2029, the products and services of SGV will reach all over the world and our brand will be known worldwide.
  • SGV will be providing innovative and world class products and services.
  • SGV will have entered in to Online business which will be major portion of our business.
  • SGV will have become a global leader and trendsetter in our industry by then.
  • People cannot imagine a life without the products of SGV.
  • By 2029, SGV will be a great organization where all professionals in the world dream to work.
  • All the team players of SGV will be highly talented, skilled and vision-oriented professionals. MNC’s will try to
    poach our team players.
  • SGV will have great working atmosphere and SGV will be great place to fulfill the dreams of our people.
  • SGV will have become a highly flexible company which is able to change before the changes.
  • International medias will speak about the success stories of SGV.
  • SGV will bring a paradigm shift in trading, distribution and manufacturing.

Meet Our Management Team

Dedication intermingled with planned efforts results in success. Team SGV is always willing to take challenges and hanker for innovative ideas to deliver optimum results and serve you in a better way.

Shafeehu Rahman

Chief Officer


HR Manager

Riyas Rahman

Purchase Manager


Marketing Manager

Shahul Hameed

Finance and Administration


Branch Manager

Meet Our Free Consultation

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Billing Coordinator


Area Sales Manager


Sales Representative


Billing Coordinator

Jithesh Babu

Area Sales Manager

Muhammed Fasil

Sales Representative


Warehouse Manager


Senior Sales Representative


Sales Representative


Logistics Coordinator


Senior Sales Representative

Abdul Quahaar

Sales Representative


Graphic Designer

Jafar Shareef

Sales Representative

Muhammed Rafi

Driver Cum Supervisor


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