Skin Fresh Loofah


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* Package Contains:- 1 pc Loofah  Round (Color May Vary)

* Sanctity Shine Fresh Loofah everyday sponge helps you maintain your healthy, vibrant and glowing skin. Loofah have a wonderful exfoliating effect on the skin and stimulate surface blood circulation

* Sanctity Shine Fresh Loofah For Bathing Is made of open weaver, You Have a refreshing bath experience , Pair it with your favorite body wash

* Exfoliation & Improved Blood Circulation :- The mesh texture gentle works it magic as it exfoliates and cleanses your skin. Gentle rubbing over the skin ensures enhanced local blood flow, giving you a perfect glowing skin.

* The loop attached to it helps in holding the Sanctity Shine Fresh loofah while using it in the shower. After the use, rinse it with water & hang it dry for a good hygiene.



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Bath Scrub, Scrub

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